The project development

You have entrusted the design of your landscape to the «Landscape Technologies» team, thus, you will become an owner of the project which is the practical implementation of our experts’ genuine hard work, innovative ideas and the complete absence of standardization.

Landscaping undeniably implies creative work and the ultimate goal of our team is the development of the impressive and qualitative project. The development of design projects which combine both aesthetics and functionality is prior to the experts of the «Landscape Technologies» company.  The unique nature and successful implementation of our project work is dependent upon rational planning and excellent performance of the project development. The landscape project carried out competently allows us to get a full idea about your future landscape arrangements, to identify aesthetic features of the relief, to evaluate the bulk of the necessary funds, to make the process of working more efficient, furthermore, it will help you to minimize numerous mistakes and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Just beginning working on the project our experts try to see it in the progressive development. We always try to meet our customers’ needs and to achieve the goals set.

The experts of the «Landscape Technologies» team have learned that meeting the customer’s needs thus reflecting his individuality is central in the process of landscaping. The landscape design carried out professionally by people who really love doing their work creatively and with soul is destined to be successful!

The designer’s solutions must not only be beautiful, conceptual and functional, but also harmonious and competently styled.

Competent pre-design studies are necessary for a qualitative landscape project. We are trying to provide the fullest possible information on ecological peculiarities of your site – the compass direction, the wind rose, the soil analysis, the hydrological data, and the relief of a site. Unless all this necessary research is done, the project could prove to be a failure. That’s why our experts are always consistent in their work and this helps to clearly mark the vector towards the successful project development.

The «Landscape Technologies» company offers you an expanded project, including the Standard Project Document and additional detailed drawings:

– The lighting plan;

– The plan of the rainfall collection systems;

– The drainage system plan;

– The water-saving irrigation system plan;

– The vertical planning documentation;

– The territory balance plan.

You have just purchased a new estate and wish to improve it, or, perhaps, your landscape needs some upgrading or renovation work? Please, contact the «Landscape Technologies» team! Our experts will do everything possible to make your landscape a real piece of art designed to inspire, evoke positive emotions and encourage further cooperation with our company as well!