Save your precious time on your personal hobbies entrusting the design and installation services of water-saving irrigation systems to the experienced team of the «Landscape Technologies» company.

The innovative technologies serving to guarantee comfort and high quality of daily life demand keeping to new rules of modern life. One of such technologies is water-saving irrigation systems. Having installed it you will reduce water use and be able to manage the irrigation process without any effort which will save your time and money and your energy as well. Water-saving irrigation systems are essential for the owners of precious green areas requiring constant care – for example, lawns, greenhouses, large private estates, football pitches and golf courses.

Water-saving irrigation is a flexible and diverse system. However, a creative approach to the issue will ensure finding the most suitable variant for you. The right and responsible designing of water-saving irrigation systems will help you to arrange green spaces providing appropriate and regular care.

You are not ready to invest much money in the installation of irrigation systems, aren’t you? Our experts will suggest starting small. Request the project of water-saving irrigation systems at our company and you’ll be offered the professional advice on how to identify the landscape areas the watering of which is of paramount importance. When the most responsible and labor-intensive landscape areas are being irrigated you can decide on the further upgrading and completion of the system. Our experts will consider any complexity and magnitude.

The project development of automatic waterin

The highest quality of the product is the priority of the «Landscape Technologies» company. Any engineering requires the most careful consideration at the design stage. The qualitative project design and installation services begin with the proper understanding of the peculiarities of its application.

All the projects carried out by our company imply an individual approach. Each cluster is unique and has got its own distinctive features in locality appearance and configuration. During the project development our experts consider all the characteristics of the site - the absence/presence of water supplies, the landscape, the soil type, vegetation and what’s most important – we always react flexibly to a customer’s requirements and preferences. We offer you water-saving irrigation systems of the leading companies in the field - «Rain Bird», «TORO», «Hunter» «Signature», «Irritrol» which have proved to produce an exclusively qualitative equipment ensuring efficiency, service continuity and reliability.

The services of the «Landscape Technologies» company on the project development and installation of water-saving irrigation systems include:

– The project development of automatic watering systems of any complexity and magnitude;

– The original equipment sale and assistance in the careful selection of accessories for the leading water-saving irrigation systems such as «Rain Bird», «TORO», «Hunter» «Signature», «Irritrol»;

– The installation of automatic irrigation systems;

– Repairing or replacing outdated irrigation systems;

– Maintenance of automatic irrigation systems with the contract conclusion on servicing (regular preventative maintenance, current repair and supervision).

The experts of the «Landscape Technologies» company offer you developing integrated solutions concerning water-saving irrigation systems as well as individual ones. Order the service you have been interested in and we shall offer you our professional competence and the qualitative equipment of irrigation systems at a highly competitive price