Drop SS-2

Everris drop spreaders are designed to be used on smaller application areas. The spreader drops down an even and precise amount of seed / fertilizer.

Drop spreaders ride close to the ground, allowing for an accurate and consistent application. Therefore, its limited ground clearance only allows for application where plants do not grow higher than 5 – 7cm.

The SS-2 has a stainless steel frame which allows for great resistance to corrosion. It has large tires (>30cm) which allow for easy pushing and steering. The SS-2 has an extended, ergonomic handle with comfortable grips.

It also comes with lift handles at the front and the back which allow for easy loading and unloading of grass seed / fertilizer. Please note that the SS-2 is not suitable for coated, controlled release products. The SS-2 comes fully assembled.


Product Advantages:

– Has a setting gauge for accurate application.

– Stainless steel frame for durability, less corrosion.

– Large tires for easy pushing and steering.

– Comfortable, extended handle with grips.

– Comes fully assembled.

– Not suitable for coated controlled release products.

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