Easy Green Scotts

Everris’ spreaders are designed to assist with delivering fantastic results when using high-quality Everris products. The spreaders are exceedingly and have a storage capacity between 930m2 and 1390m2.

Treating large areas of grassland with lawn care granules is time consuming, so finding an adjustable spreader that gives the widest possible spread is the key to quicker treatment and more time to admire the results.

The Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader throws the granules evenly in front of the moving spreader covering a broad strip approximately 3 metres wide, so you can quickly treat large lawns, paddocks, orchards evenly and accurately. Simply adjust the setting according to the product you are using (see our spreader settings guide) and away you go. There’s an on/off grip handle so starting and stopping the application of the granules is easy and accurate when you get to the end of a strip.


Product Advantages:

– Variable settings to apply lawn food or grass seed.

– Wide coverage (up to 3 m width) to feed large lawns easily.

– Convenient hand regulated on/off switch.

– Adjustable handle bar for comfortable use and storage.


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