Small radius rotors

Small radius rotors – ideal for areas that are too large to use a static sprays, and also no small for standard rotors. Rotors are designed for this type in the radius of 10m, they provide economical use of water and reduce material costs for irrigation. It should also be noted that Data rotors have a small size, making them a complete "disguise" at the moment with no process of watering



Mini 8

Radius: 6,1-10,7m

Operating pressure range: 2,0-4,1bar

Pop-up to nozzle height: 9,5cm



– Five interchangeable nozzles – comes pre-installed with a 1.5 nozzle.

– MINI8-CV - Check Valve: maintains up to 2,4m elevation change.

– Ensures easy adjustments from 40° to 360° with visual feedback of arc change by reading the scale.

– Pressure Activated Seal. The seal and robust trip mechanism offer enhanced reliability.




Radius: 4,6-10,7m

Operating pressure range: 1,7-3,8bar

Pop-up to nozzle height:10,2cm



– Performance – Rain Curtain™ nozzles.

– True 4” (10,2 cm) pop-up (measured from the cover to the nozzle).

– Optional Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM™) check valve holds up to 2,1 m of elevation change, to prevent puddling and erosion caused by low head drainage.

– Rubber cover and self-flushing arc adjustment screw reduce debris intrusion and improve reliability.



SRM and PGJ Series

Radius: 4,3 to 11,6 m;

Operating pressure: 1,4-6,9 bar

Pop-up to nozzle height: 10cm-30cm (10cm for SRM only)



– Factory installed rubber cover.

– Due to the low cost of water can replace the rotator.

– Drain check valve (up to 2 m of elevation).

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