Rotors average radius

Medium-range rotors are the golden mean between the rotors and the standard static sprays. Due to the large radius of irrigation use these rotors for medium and large sites (more than 7m width) can significantly reduce the cost of irrigation systems and provide the most-uniform distribution of moisture.



T5P/Super 800

Radius: 7,6-15,2m (8,5-15,2m for Super 800)

Operating pressure range: 1,7-4,8bar (2,0-4,8bar for Super 800)

Connection: 20mm (3/4") female

Rising stem height: 12,7cm, 30cm



– 5” (127mm) Pop-Up – easily replaces many competitive 4’ (100mm) units in the same footprint but delivers an extra inch of pop-up.

– The T5 comes with a full nozzle tree of 8 standard nozzles (25°) and 4 low angle nozzles (10°). Super 800 has 9 standart nozzles (25°) and 4 low angle nozzles (10°).

– Top Arc indicator for easy adjustments from 40° to 360° - read the arc change off the scale as you make adjustments.

– Standard rubber cover.

– Smart Arc™ Memory – returns sprinkler to previously set arc if vandalized without damage. (for Super 800).




Radius: 7,6-15,2m (10-16,8m)

Operating pressure range: 1,7-4,5bar (2,1-6,1 for 5500 series)

Connection: 20 mm (3/4 ") female

Rising stem Height: 10cm, 15cm, 30cm (for 5500 series only 12,7 cm)



– Improved nozzle technology Rain CurtainTM for excellent water distribution and quality of the pitch.

– Anti-Vandal protection (for 5500 series): the arc setting returns to its original setting after tampering from vandals (Memory Arc® ).

– Left and right side trips are independently adjustable for ease of installation without turning the case and loosening the pipe connection (for 5500 series).

– Heavy-duty cover assembly for extra durability in residential or commercial applications.

– Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check device/riser to help prevent low head drainage.




Radius: 4,9-14,0m (6,4-15,8m for PGP)

Operating pressure range: 1.4-7bar

Connection: 20mm (3/4") female

Rising stem Height: 10cm, 15cm, 30cm (for PGP – only 10cm)



– Automatic arc return

– Non-strippable drive

– Part- and full-circle in one model

– Headed and slotted set screw

– Optional reclaimed water ID

– Drain check valve (up to 3 m of elevation)

– FloStop™ control (for I-20).


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