Osmocote Exact Tablets (14-8-11+2MgO+TE)

Osmocote Exact Tablets offer the grower the chance to give very accurate doses of nutrients in a simple fashion. Due to its cone-like shape, the tablet can be pushed down easily into growing medium.

They are built with an environmentally friendly adhesive which is water soluble. After watering the plants the tablets fall apart and are locked within the growing medium. This system prevents the roots from pushing the tablet out of the pot.

Osmocote Exact Tablets are often applied into container plants and hanging baskets right before delivery in order to ensure there is proper nutrition for the consumer.

As with other Osmocote Exact products, the longevity is recognized by colored granules on the tablets. They are made readily available in either 5 gram or 7,5 gram tablets.


Product Advantages:

– Tablets come with all advantages of Osmocote Exact.

– After application the water soluble adhesive dissolves, tablets fall apart.

– No loss of fertilizer – tablets are locked within the growing media.

– Each pot / container receives the exact same dosage.

– Accurate dosage results in highly efficient nutrient delivery.

– Controlled re-fertilization, easy to use and safe application.


Tablet size (g): 5,0-7,5

Longevity: 3-4/5-6/8-9/12-14 months

Recommended Rate : 2-6 g/l

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