Exact Protect (14-8-11+2MgO+TE)

Osmocote Exact Protect is a “programmed release” fertilizer offered in Osmocote’s 4th generation products. These products are based on Everris’ DCT which has a postponed start. The second coating postpones the next delivery of nutrients to 2-3 months.

Also Osmocote Exact Protect can be applied at a full rate. All the nutrients are saved until the plant is able to take them up after being released. Moreover, additional top dress applications in the springtime are usually not required.

Osmocote Exact Protect is intended for use from November to mid January. No nutrients are released in the wintertime. It is intended for the northern European climate zone and is specifically designed for potting of outside container nursery plants.

Application of Osmocote Exact Protect leads to savings on production costs and to a plant with perfect quality.


Product Advantages:

– Nutrients made available during the plant’s growing period.

– No release in the first few months after potting (winter months).

– Full application rate is possible in autumn.

– Re-fertilizing in springtime is not necessary.

– No more wasting manual labour during the busy spring sales period.

– Better growth due to effective nutrient release and the timing of its release.


Granule Size (mm): 2,0-4,5

Longevity: 5-6/8-9/12-14 months

Recommended Rate : 3-6 g/l

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