Osmocote Exact Hi.End (15-9-12+2MgO+TE)

Osmocote Exact Hi.End is a high-tech fertilizer with DCT components. Due to the second layer of coating above the raw-material core granule, the product has a predefined release pattern. Here only part of the product will startup after 2,5-3 months after application. This allows the grower to fertilize more effectively.

Once the coated fertilizer is mixed into the substrate, the nutrient release begins. The second layer has a delayed start time of 2-3 months. About 25% of the fertilizer granules have this additional coating so that part of the nutrient release begins during the critical growth phase of the plant. This supplies additional nutrients to trigger maximum growth potential.

Osmocote Exact Hi.End is a “programmed release” fertilizer based on Osmocote’s 4th generation and Dual Coating Technology (DCT). As with Osmocote Exact, the product longevity and release pattern are known before use.

A proportion of Osmocote Exact Hi.End is made with (DCT); parts of the granules have a second coating. This means that a portion of the product begins its nutrient release at a later time, during the critical growth phase. The result is an extremely efficient nutrient delivery which improves plant growth.


Product Advantages:

– Fixed release pattern and longevity, fully coated granules.

– Part of the nutrient release is postponed until summertime.

– No extra or re-fertilizing is required.

– Lower EC levels at the start of the cultivation phase.

– Better rooting of crops.

– Contains all essential nutritional elements.


Granule Size (mm): 2,0-4,5

Longevity: 5-6/8-9/12-14 months

Recommended Rate : 2-5,5 g/l

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