Osmocote Bloom (12-7-18+TE)

Osmocote Bloom is a specially designed controlled release fertilizer for bedding plants growing in small pots. It is aimed at improving the quality of the plant by providing maximum nutrition throughout the crop cycle, selling and early consumer stages. This provides an overall, complete nutrition program for the plants.

Osmocote Bloom enables the grower to keep the watering and nutrition phases separate. It also contributes to a sustainable way to grow bedding plants with minimal leaching and optimum use of fertilizer. With Osmocote Bloom, plants are fed from the initial potting and continue to be fed even in the first consumer phase, increasing customer satisfaction.

Osmocote Bloom has a NPK analysis that is perfect for bedding plants that have a crop cycle up to 2 – 3 months. The NPK ratio is particularly effective for condensed growth. It also has a full trace element package and the small granules are perfect for an optimal distribution in growing media.

Osmocote Bloom is a controlled release fertilizer containing NPK, magnesium and all other necessary microelements. The granule is 100% coated and has a predetermined longevity.


Product Advantages:

– NPK 2:1:3 ratio is perfect for condensed growth in bedding plants.

– Fully coated granules also contain magnesium.

– Elevated trace element package.

– Full supply of nutrients for entire crop cycle.

– Mini-granule is perfect for mixing in smaller pots and packs.

– Lower fertilizer inputs, eco-friendly.

– At full rates, water soluble fertilizers are not necessary.

– Improves shelf-life of plants in consumer phase.

– Good value for money, safe and reliable.


Granule Size (mm): 1,4-2,0

Longevity: 2-3 Months

Recommended Rate (light/normal/heavy): 1,5-2 /2-3 /3-4,5 g/l

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