Sun & Shade

Everris offers a full grass seed product range that in combination with environmental friendly controlled release fertilizers, moss and weed control fertilizers. Whatever the project, Everris has the right grass seed mixture for you.

Everris’ Landscaper Pro products offer landscaping professionals the finest selection of affordable grass seed mixtures. These mixtures deliver what every customer appreciates – quick germination that produces lush, dense and aesthetically pleasing grass.

Landscaper Pro Sun & Shade grass seeds are uniquely blended to thrive in both harsh sunshine and shaded environments.

Many gardens and landscaped areas have parts that receive maximum sunshine while other areas remain dim and shaded. This drastic contrast in light can be tough on grass which is why Everris offers Sun & Shade.

Landscaper Pro Sun & Shade has a low Nitrogen requirement. It also requires low amounts of water. This excellent tolerance to drought is due to its deep rooting.


Sowing Recommendation:




30% Festuca rubra trichophylla (Slender creeping red fescue).

30% Festuca rubra rubra (Strong creeping red fescue).

15% Festuca rubra commutate (Chewing’s fescue).

25% Lolium perenne (Perennial ryegrass).

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