Full Season (27N-5P-5K+2MgO)

The LandscaperPro range makes a landscaper’s life easier. Everris offers a full product range that consists of environmental friendly controlled release fertilizers, moss and weed control fertilizers and also a portfolio of grass seeds mixtures. Whatever challenges lie in a garden, Everris has the product for it.

LandscaperPro Full Season is an amazing timesaving fertilizer. One simple application delivers enough nutrients to properly feed the plant throughout the entire growing season.

LandscaperPro Full Season is a fantastic controlled release fertilizer that gradually dispenses nutrition over an 8 – 9 month period. This allows for balanced growth and outstanding root development.


It also shows vigorous resistance to disease and weeds. The added Magnesium content ensures for great leaf color.


Product Advantages:

– Consistent supply of nutrients over 8 – 9 months.

– Balanced growth, excellent rooting.

– Strong resistance to disease and weeds.

– Magnesium content for good lead color.


Granule Size (mm) 1.8-4.0

Longevity 8-9 Months

Recommended Rate 20.00 - 45.00 g/m²

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