Flora (15N-9P-11K+3MgO)

The LandscaperPro range makes a landscaper’s life easier. Everris offers a full product range that consists of environmental friendly controlled release fertilizers, moss and weed control fertilizers and also a portfolio of grass seeds mixtures. Whatever challenges lie in a garden, Everris has the product for it.


LandscaperPro Flora is based on Everris’ world famous Osmocote technology. It is used by professional growers and nurseries around the world.

LandscaperPro Flora delivers proper plant nutrition using slow release technology. It is intended for borders, trees and miscellaneous potted plants.

Its unique blend of nutrients encourages maximum flowering and optimum health.


Product Advantages

For use in borders, around trees, potted plants and hanging baskets

Only a single feed required for the whole season

Nutrients ensure healthy plants and fantastic flowering


Granule Size (mm): 2,0-4,0

Longevity: 5-6 Months

Recommended Rate: 20-40 g/m²

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