Controller or remote control – the main part of an automatic irrigation system. Danoe device determines the time of watering system. The controller stores the data on irrigation scheduling, switching on and off watering and greatly simplifies the management of irrigation system. Seasonal adjustment was allowed to make adjustments to the watering program by increasing or decreasing its duration depending on the time of year.

Battery–powered controller will be essential in the absence of access to the electricity network. This type of controller has a high degree of protection, and some work even after being submerged for a few meters into the water. The main disadvantage of this type of controller – a small number of areas connected to one controller, slightly narrows the scope of their application.




Number of stations: 2, 4, 6, 8

Power supply: 2 batteries 9V

Maximum cable length: 60m (250m at 12AVG 4,0 mm)



– Fully waterproof and submersible. Submersible up to 6.5’ (2m) per IP-68 standards, allowing contractors to mount up to an 8-station controller in a valve box.

– Seasonal adjust by month from 0-200% in 10% increments.

– Accepts Toro TRS Wired RainSensor™, Wired Rain/Freeze and other normally–closed sensors.

– Operates DC Latching Solenoids. Controller is compatible with most manufacturers DC Latching solenoids.

– Exclusive “Digital Dial” Technology. Simple programming functions..

– Unique Power Feature. Verifies sufficient voltage level for turning stations off before turning any stations on.

– Low–battery indicator visible on LCD screen.




Number of stations: 2, 4, 6, 8

Power supply: 2 batteries 9V

Maximum cable length: 30m



– Resists humid and harsh environments, Rated IP68: 100% waterproof and fully submersible.

– Test function (2mn, all programmed stations) for system operational testing.

– Manual station or cycle start capacity.

– In case of rain, irrigation schedule is immediately stopped thanks to a Rain Sensor.

– Programmable Rain Delay function enables system to stay off for a specified period (1 to 15 days) with an auto–restart.

– Compatible with all Rain Bird valves equipped with a Rain Bird latching solenoid.




Number of stations: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Power supply: Operates on battery power or 24 VAC plug in transformer or optional Solar Panel/ plastic model uses 6 AA batteries/ stainless steel model uses 6 C batteries

Maximum cable length: 152m



– Enclosures: Indoor and outdoor plastic; outdoor stainless steel

– Operates DC latching solenoids only

– Optional Solar Panel SPXCH provides maintenance free operation

– One touch manual start and advance

– Delay between stations

– IP-24 (plastic model)

– Rain sensor bypass

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