Controller or remote control – the main part of an automatic irrigation system. Danoe device determines the time of watering system. The controller stores the data on irrigation scheduling, switching on and off watering and greatly simplifies the management of irrigation system. Seasonal adjustment was allowed to make adjustments to the watering program by increasing or decreasing its duration depending on the time of year.

«Smart» controllers – a new generation of controllers that have a wide range of functions and the most user-friendly interface. These controllers have the ability to computer programming using the USB-connection, they are compatible with wireless sensors and provide the ability to remotely control that greatly simplifies the maintenance of automatic irrigation system. Also, this type of controller is a modular system – plug-ins allow developers to add additional zones to the controller.




Number of stations: 4 to 16

Indoor and outdoor models

Power: 220V



– Easy Upgrade to Integrated Smart Control – An optional Smart Connect™ plugs into the timing mechanism, enabling it to wirelessly communicate directly with a number of add-on devices_including a weather sensor, handheld remote, multiple soil sensors, and up to two wireless relays.

– Revolutionary Interface. Shortcut buttons provide quick access to basic functions while the advanced menu leverages the experience and knowledge of the irrigation professional.

– Simple-to-use software allows you to program everything at a computer.

– Pump start delay from 1 to 60 seconds.

– Automatic short detection for circuit protection and faster Troubleshooting.

– Non-volatile memory doesn’t require batteries and holds programming for up to five years.

– The software also allows you to enter custom names for schedules and zones (such as “Shrubs”or “Front Yard” instead of “Zone 1”).

– In advanced mode, this screen is where you enter the characteristics of each of the zones on the system, including the type of plant, soil, sprinkler, slope, and amount of sun exposure, to create the most efficient irrigation schedule possible.

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