Rotating Nozzles

Rotating nozzle is based off the design of the world’s leading geardriven rotor for golf applications. Rotating nozzle differs from conventional "fan" injectors that he shared the flow of water at the same time providing a greater range and better irrigation (compared with nozzles "economy class") uniformity of irrigation.

The nozzles have a rather complex mechanism, which significantly affects the cost (usually the price exceeds the price of a conventional rotator nozzle 3-6 times). The high cost is compensated by the low water, which is several times less in comparison with most types of "fan" nozzles and watering larger radius (up to 10m) which saves on the hulls for sprays and consumables.




Radius: 4,3-7,9m (radius reduction up to 25%)

Irrigation sectors: adjustable from 45° to 360°

Operating pressure range: 1,4-5,2Bar



– The precipitation rate of 0.55”/hr. (14 mm/hr.) helps prevent excess run times often set to stay within watering windows.

– Step-Up™ Technology is designed to deliver high uniformity with matched precipitation for in-close watering all the way out to the furthest radius point.

– Maximum height of 20° trajectory to fight through wind

– Maintains precipitation rate as radius is reduced

– Adjustable by hand or with included tool

– Consistent speed of rotation not affected by pressure

– Threads onto nearly all sprayheads and shrub adapters (male or female)



Series R/R-VAN

Radius: 4,0-7,4m (radius reduction up to 25% only for R series)

Irrigation sectors: 90°, 120°, 180°, 360° (for R-VAN adjustable from 45° to 270°)

Operating pressure range: 1,4-3,8Bar (3.1 bar recommended)



– Hand-adjustable arc and radius – no special tools required (for R-VAN)

– Low precipitation rate of 0.60 in/hr (15.2 mm/hr) reduces runoff and erosion

– Precipitation rate matches Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Rotor Nozzles allowing MPR irrigation designs from 13' to 35'

– High uniformity, thick wind resistant streams and larger water droplets ensure efficient performance, even in adverse conditions.



MP Rotator Series

Radius: 3,5-10,6m (radius reduction up to 25%)

Irrigation sectors: 90°-210 °, 210°-270°, 360 (specially shaped nozzles availability)

Operating pressure range: 1,75-3,8Bar (recommended: 2,8Bar)



– Standard and special nozzle patterns.

– Nozzles with the largest radius watering allow to cover a larger area.

– Double-pop feature keeps dirt and debris out of nozzle

– Threads onto nearly all sprayheads and shrub adapters (male or female)


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