Unregulated nozzles

Unregulated nozzles have less water consumption and a greater range of operating pressure, in comparison with adjustable nozzles, which allows their use on private plots and professional irrigation. This type of injector has a greater number of specifications and shapes of nozzles for different radii and forms of irrigation that utrudnyaet how to install them, but it leads to a better result at the expense of small and uniform irrigation water consumption.

Unregulated nozzles "premium" is characterized by high efficiency due to less water flow and uniform distribution of moisture. At this point, we can refer to this class only TORO series of nozzles Precision (these analogs injectors on the market simply do not). These nozzles are embedded in a plastic housing, metal outlets for improving the uniformity of irrigation. This type of injector has had the highest quality irrigation and thus the high price.




Radius: 1,5m, 2,4m, 3,0m, 3,7m, 4,6m (special nozzle for narrow areas).

Sectors coverage: 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 210°, 240°, 270°, 360°.

Operating pressure range: 1,4-5,2bar (recommended: 2.1bar).



– The intensity of rainfall 25mm/h – this lower precipitation rate, along with high distribution uniformity make this nozzles family the most efficient nozzle. The 25mm/hr. precipitation rate ensures irrigation runtimes can be achieved even with tight watering windows.

– Н2О Chip Technology – Н2О Chip created high-frequency oscillating streams which allow for distance of throwusing 1/3 less flow.

– Fit Toro® or Irritrol®, Rain Bird® and Hunter® Spray Bodies.

– Design and Retrofit Effectiveness. The lower flow rate of Precision Series spray nozzles maximizes design efficiency and saves on overall material costs by using fewer valves and less controller stations.

– Pre-Attached Filter Screen for Installation Convenience – there are three different sizes of mesh filters to prevent debris from clogging the head.

– Matched precipitation rate within radius families.

– Matched precipitation rates between radius families.

– Maintains precipitation rate as radius is reduced up to max of 25%.

– Precision Series Spray nozzles have been tested and validated in the field and at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT). 

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