Spray Nozzles Economy Class

Unregulated nozzles have lower water consumption and greater range of operating pressure, compared with adjustable nozzles, they can be used in private areas as well as in professional watering. This type of injectors has more specifications radii and shapes and forms of irrigation, which makes it difficult to install, but it leads to better results due to uniform irrigation and low water consumption.

For unregulated nozzles "economy class" typical plastic housing, low price and wide range of choice of radii, sectors and forms of irrigation.



MPR Plus

Radius: 1,5m, 2,4m, 3,0m, 3,7m, 4,6m (corner and side strips)

Operating pressure range:: 1,4-5,2Bar (recommended: 2,1Bar)



– Matched precipitation rates. Ensure all nozzles (every arc within a family) apply water at approximately the same rate.

– Low flow rates – allow for more sprinklers to be placed on the same zone.

– Pre-installed pressure compensation device. Eliminate fogging, conserve water and provide precise flow rates (also available without pc devices).

– Standard and special spray patterns

– Adjustment screw allows up to 25% reduction in radius and complete shutoff




Radius: 0,6-4,6m.

Operating Pressure Range: 1,0-2,1Bar (recommended: 2,1Bar).



– Adjustment screw allows up to 25% reduction in radius and complete shutoff

– Standard and special spray patterns

– 5 different nozzle trajectory




Radius: 1,5m, 2,4m, 3,0m, 3,7m, 4,6m, 5,2m.

Operating Pressure Range: 1,0-2,5бар (recommended: 2,1Bar).



– Special spray patterns with small radius (0,6м, 1,2м, 1,8м) for narrow areas.

– The optimum droplet size prevents damp fog and provides uniform watering. 

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