Solenoid valves for industrial applications

Solenoid valves are easy to use as a private area with loyal service conditions and at municipal facilities with neblagoriyatnymi for watering system conditions.

Solenoid valves are used on the category of small and medium-sized sites. They have a strong structure and good bandwidth. Also, this type of valve is protected from clogging, which ensures the proper functioning of the valve even when dealing with contaminated water.




Operating pressure range: 0,7-12bar

Connection: 1"



– Patented DBS (Debris Bypass System) Technology™. Metering system ensures proper functionality, even in tough environments.

– Tough Double-Beaded, Chloramine and Ozone-Resistant Santoprene® Diaphragm. Ensures a consistent, leak-proof seal all the way up to 175 psi (12,0 Bar).

– Multiple Body Styles. Choose from various styles to meet any installation requirement.

– Glue Stop™. TPV Slip-by-Slip models include this patented feature, which ensures that the installer cannot block the downstream port of the valve during installation with primer and cement.



100 DV/100-DVF

Operating pressure range: 1-10,4 bar

Connection: 1"



– Double-filtered pilot-flow design for maximum reliability

– Balanced-pressure diaphragm for long life

– Energy-efficient, low-power encapsulated solenoid with captured plunger and 200 micron solenoid filter

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