Diameter: 495mm, 670mm

Volume: 26l, 52l

Color: Heritage Green, Terracotta and black.


This Product is a must for persons involved with the planting and care of Trees, Plants and Vegetables.


GreenWell directs water and nutrients to the root zone promoting:

– Faster Growth.

– More abundant vegetables.

– Water Saving.

– Concentrates mulch and fertiliser, reducing bird scatter.

– Eliminates water run-off, ideal for sloping ground.

– Guards plant stems against

– Whipper Snippers.

– Attractive landscaping.

– Holds up to 26 litres of water.

– Easily repositioned.


GreenWell has also been awarded the Smart Approved Watermark, in recognition of the products ability to assist in water conservation. GreenWell can be positioned in the soil at whatever level is required.

 6 - Large Greenwell Installation 2- Large Greenwell component assembly 11 - Large Greenwell Planting completed


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