Soil sensor

The purpose of each of the irrigation system must be efficient use of water. Soil sensors – the most efficient technology, which is used in municipal areas and golf courses are world class. The sensor allows the soil to keep abreast of all the changes and let you know what's going on under the surface of the lawn.


Soil moisture sensors reduce the consumption of water, constantly measuring the level of humidity in the soil and determining the need for irrigation, thereby taking into account the efficiency of the irrigation system. Communication between the transmitter and receiver – Wireless thus installing the sensor does not require excavation work.






– Can be installed on any irrigation controller, including competitive models.

– Continuously measures soil moisture levels and determines when to allow your irrigation controller to water, making sure just the right amount of water is applied.

– Communication between the sensor probe and the receiver is completely wireless, with up to a 152m range (line of sight).

– Installation doesn’t disturb the soil, giving you accurate moisture readings starting as soon as the sensor is put in the ground.

– The sensor will automatically detect the soil type and adjust all calculations accordingly.

– The only soil sensor to offer freeze detection that prevents irrigation when temperatures approach freezing.

– Smart bypass overrides the sensor for a user-defined length of time (especially useful during system winterization).

– Adjustable moisture threshold in 1% increments allows the user to set the desired moisture level.


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