Rain sensor (wired)

The purpose of each of the irrigation system must be efficient use of water. Rain sensors, together with all water-saving controller functions not only provide a more healthy growth of plants and grass, but even more efficiently and economically controls water flow. For areas with different climatic conditions, some sensors also include sensor frost.


Wire sensors to automatically turn off watering in rainy weather - quite simple, but at the same time and reliable. These sensors have the ability to be installed in various locations to improve the accuracy of measurements of rainfall, and in addition to saving water, they also extend the life of the irrigation system, automatically measuring precipitation and off the irrigation system in order to avoid unnecessary watering cycles.






– Manufacturers’ Controllers. Universal Normally Open and Normally Closed operation for compatibility with all controllers that are designed to accept a sensor device.

– Maintenance Free Hygroscopic Discs. Industry standard sensing discs with adjustable rain shut-off indexes at 1/8” (3,2mm), 1/4” (6,4mm), 1/2” (12mm) and 3/4” (17mm) of rain.

– 25 Feet Of UV-Resistant Cable. Includes 25 feet (7.6m) of white outdoor-rated, UVresistant cable.

– No special tools required for installation



Rain Check and RDX-BEX


Features (Rain Check):

– Works with all 24 VAC output controllers.

– Does not change irrigation programs, but automatically interrups watering cycle when rainfall exceeds pre-selected level.

– Water in rain collector pan evaporates faster than soil moisture to permit watering if required

– Collector pan can be removed for cleaning

– Adjustable stainless steel sensing probes offer the flexibility of triggering the rain shutoff with as little as 3,2 mm of precipitation or when rainfall reaches or exceeds 12 mm.


Features (RDX-BEX):

– Works with all 24 VAC controllers and TBOS™ products equipped with the TBOS™ Rain Sensor interface.

– Multiple rainfall settings from 3,2 to 20mm are quick and easy with just the twist of a dial.

– Adjustable vent ring helps control drying time.

– High-grade, UV resistand polymer body resist the elements.

– 7,6 m of UV resistant extension wire offer an easy connection to irrigation controllers.






– Quick Response™ feature shuts the system off as soon as it starts raining.

– Compatible with most controllers

– Adjustable vent ring allows for setting of reset delay

– Rugged polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm


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