Trendiest in the landscape industry

What's going to be the trendiest in the landscape industry? If you think carefully, you can almost predict the next new thing. As a contractor, you have some idea of what your customers want or of what's popular in your neck of the woods. There’s no doubt that the art of landscaping is developing simultaneously with the society processes, which is reflected in giving preference to some trends.

Topping the most popular are installed seating places, finely designed outdoor lighting, and professionally made fire-pit areas. People also want sustainable, low-maintenance landscapes, preserving the natural harmony of the environment.  People want the environment which is expected to contribute not only to the health benefit, but also to their psychoemotional and spiritual needs.  It’s not only creating exterior style the trend is directed to, the main thing is making garden function as a well-balanced ecological system.


Outdoor kitchens

With the economy getting better, people have been spending money. They’re really going to start investing in outdoor living spaces. The foodie thing, the influence of the Food Network and celebrity chefs, is part of what’s driving the desire for well-equipped outdoor kitchens and edible landscapes.That’s why the need for the establishment of exterior kitchens has been rising recently. Integrated kitchen appliances such as cooktop and barbeque add to their special appeal and exclusive design. Ideal for patios and terraces these kitchen units also include attractive wooden benches with natural plants where you can comfortably accommodate your guests in the open air. Cooking is an art, and there’s nothing better than creating your masterpieces in the open air or even in public sharing your expertise and knowledge with younger generations.These new cooking and entertainment centers are a far cry from yesterday’s iconic backyard barbecue, the kettle of charcoal on skinny metal legs. Today’s outdoor kitchens have built-in refrigerators, gas ranges, smokers, wood cabinets, and even big-screen TVs.

Edible gardens are often part of the scene, where you have a  well-established outdoor kitchen.We like the idea of multi-levelled flower and vegetable beds as they create the imitation of the dynamic landscape. That way, while you’re grilling, you can simply reach over and pick off some fresh rosemary or basil. Guests can be enjoying a nice outdoor meal of say, something with cilantro. And your guests can see that cilantro growing, right next to them. It adds to the whole experience unique ambience..



Modern tendencies of landscaping suggest using different kinds of walkways with various pavings. Special attention is drawn to the rock-faced retaining-wall pavers. Using the peculiarities of the relief you are able to create spectacular landscape compositions exemplifying original designs. Retaining-walls will be very helpful in the achievement of a desired result. They are widely used for stopping landslides, terracing, garden zoning, creating the effect of the multi-dimensional landscape. Retaining-walls made of natural stone are considered to be the most impressive though being the most expensive. Chopped or finely cut stones of quartzite, basalt, granite, diabase used in the landscaping of slope areas can help to achieve a great result thus implementing the most extraordinary projects. This material has no competitors in ornamentality, creating a solid classical design with a touch of antiquity. The emergence of concrete paving  made surface coating rather faceless. Nowadays leading experts of the landscape industry have been trying to create unique projects, using paving tails of different shapes, colors and structure. Individual drawings, various combinations of paving materials, especially the well-ballanced use of natural and artificial paving tails, plus innovative technologies - all these add up to a successful notable  project.

Despite the fact that stone paving can boast a long tradition of being used both in landscaping and territory improvement, it’s become a focal point for many experts. It’s mainly due to the emergence of new high technology and innovation-oriented methods of stone processing. New materials combining artificial and natural stone can substantially add to the empowerment of ideas, giving  a designer unlimited freedom for creativity.

Paving is especially spectacular when a designer courageously combines different structures and colors, using paving blocks of various shapes and materials. This enables the implementation of the best design solutions, that are  likely to freshen landscapes and broaden the vision of how stone paving can improve city sites, parks, private estates and many other objects.

Staircases are also incorporated into the elaborate up-to-date design. A multi-level garden is difficult to imagine without a staircase. They are of great demand from the functional and aesthetic point of view. Decorative staircases will create an effect of a height difference, making it possible to contemplate your garden from different angles. Walking up the staircases from below, you come to a patio and a landing with a seating wall. Having multi-levelled landscapes implies that you should take special care of recreation zones where it will be cozy, calm and  windless and you can easily view your estate. If a land plot is rather small you are likely to build a pavilion or benches with a table. Sports grounds, a private pool with sun loungers would look equally well on large areas. Arch pavilion would be a great variant for rest.

A decorative bridge across your waterscape is another important trendy thing ln landscaping. It looks charming and uniquely. The interest for bridges has been simmering for decades and as experts predict, it will further continue.


Landscape lighting

The touch of innovative technologies in landscape lighting has had a profound impact on the creation of living zones outdoors. The trees are uniquely illuminated. For instance, uplighting a tree many contractors are relying greatly on a multicolor lighting scheme, using LEDs of different voltage. The effects are really amazing! In the evening the trees illuminated are plunged into special colors thus creating charming enigmatic atmosphere. The functional illumination of balconies and terraces has faded into the background.

Exterior areas are always likely to landscape lighting. It’s connected not only with security issues, but is mainly designed for creating a magnificent effect to the whole project. In winter months people are trying to extend the days out, and get a better feeling about things, not so depressed. You know how dull winter months are when it gets dark at 5:00 p.m. serving the demand for lighting is easier than ever. The lowvoltage LED lighting we have now is just easier to install than the old halogen systems. That was a little bit tricky, trying to get those voltages correct, with the larger transformers. Now it’s a lot easier to install lighting systems, and it doesn’t take as much time, which is considered a priority in the rapid pace of modern life.


Fire pits

It seems that the more high-tech life gets, the more people long to bring out their ‘inner caveman. “Fire pits are getting to be really popular. We’ve done quite a few of those lately. For example, we are often faced with customers’ desire to  enlarge the existing patio, making it about three times bigger and  to put  a fire pit there”, shares his experience the founder of the “Landscape Technologies” company Dmytro Brovarsky.

Water features are in demand. Not only do they look great aesthetically, but there’s something very soothing about hanging out near a splashing fountain. In addition to their decorative function artificial waterscapes influence greatly the microclimate, lowering air temperature and increasing the level of humidity, which is especially of great value in hot summer days. The aesthetic value of artificial waterscapes is virtually unlimited. Waterscapes are given an important role of the compositional centre thus they often include such accent buildings as fountains, waterfalls, springs, cascades. Swimming ponds have been also assigned a significant role. They have a special influence on our psychoemotional health. There’s nothing else soothing than the gentle water melody or contemplating the multifaceted nature as reflected in water smooth surface.


Chris Parsons, England Chris Parsons, England

Taking a look at what other contractors around the country are seeing can only give you some clues about what might be up-and-coming for your own business. Of course, trends in your area will be affected by your local economy, weather, and, as we’ve seen, even acts of legislation. Switch on your imagination and implement your original ideas! The offer is generating new demands. Thus you may cultivate many clients, who are really aware of what is trendy nowadays. If outdoor living spaces are on the top of the survey today, it’s a great opportunity for you to realize your client’s dream.  Innovations imply infinite possibilities, opening many doors before you!

Trendiest in the landscape industry